Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Avoiding the Olive Oil Scam

Olive Oil: What’s Really in the Bottle? People have been consuming olive oil for thousands of years. Olive oil is essential in the foundation of what we call The Mediterranean Diet; characterized by a high consumption of fruits, vegetables and olive oil, thought to support heart health. Health benefits of […]

Water Purification

Water and the Need for Purification

Water Quality The human body is approximately 70% water, as is planet Earth. In chemistry lab water was impressed upon us as the “Universal Solvent”, i.e. without it, life cannot exist, and polluting it makes life challenging. It is essential for every aspect of life, bar none. No water, no […]

The Real Causes of Cardiovascular Disease

What Really Causes Cardiovascular Disease?

Cardiovascular Disease: An Epidemic When a world-renowned heart surgeon condemns the long held idea that cholesterol causes heart disease and points to the real cause of this epidemic, you sit up and listen. After more than 5,000 open heart surgeries over 25 years, Dwight Lundell, MD, has realized the extreme […]

Coconut Oil

The Coconut Oil Scare

Coconut Oil: Myth vs. Fact The coconut has a long and respected history throughout the world, but in recent times coconut oil has been given a bad reputation. This has been a combination of: The misconception that, since it is a “saturated fat” it will raise blood cholesterol, and Prejudice […]

Make Healthy Choices

Why Do I Need Purification?

How Purification Works A 21 day Standard Process Purification Program, a.k.a. a detoxification, helps remove toxins from your body. Initial toxin overload contributes to fatigue, difficulty sleeping, indigestion and other gastrointestinal issues, unhealthy food cravings and weight gain, reduced mental clarity, low libido and joint discomfort. We’re all exposed to […]