Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive form of energy that produces a photochemical healing and pain relief response to injured, damaged or dysfunctional tissue. Cleared by the FDA in 2003, cold laser therapy has become an indispensable standard of care for many injuries. Benefits include a profound alleviation of pain, reduction of inflammation and an amazing acceleration of recovery time from a wide range of acute and chronic clinical conditions. It is referred to as “cold” laser because it produces no internal heat to the injured areas of treatment.

How It Works

Cold laser is a frequency wavelength of which the therapeutic “window” is from just below 700 nanometers to 1,000 nanometers (nm). Mitochondria, present in all healthy and injured, diseased or dysfunctional tissue, are considered the “powerhouse” in the human body. They are organisms within all tissue that takes in nutrients, breaks them down and then creates energy rich molecules for the cell, accelerating the healing process. Cold laser stimulates greater efficiency of mitochondrial energy production, thereby greatly accelerating the healing time of both soft and hard tissues, including bone.

What Clinical Injuries & Conditions Can Be Treated

Below is a brief list of the conditions treated at Alternative HealthCare of Parker with cold laser:

  • Chronic & acute low back or neck pain
  • Whiplash injuries
    • Neck/mid back/low back pain, arm/hand numbness, headaches, sciatica and TMJ
  • Joint pain
  • Peripheral neuropathies
  • Osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis
  • Trigeminal neuralgia and TMJ
  • Knee Pain
    • Torn medial/lateral meniscus, ACL injuries, patellar tendinitis, Osgood-Schlatter disease, Hoffa’s fat pad
  • Sports Injuries
    • Sprains/strains, rotator cuff, achilles tendonitis, tennis & golfer’s elbow, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis

Try cold laser therapy before you consider surgery for many acute & chronic injuries. Many surgeries are simply unnecessary because of lack of awareness from surgeons that other options are not available. But cold laser therapy indisputably has more favorable outcomes than surgery. When combined with other modalities and soft tissue and spinal mobilization therapy, cold laser therapy is highly effective for conditions such as spinal trauma and back pain. I have treated many extremely satisfied patients over the past 35 years who have opted for this approach in lieu of surgery, at a tiny fraction of the cost of surgery and with virtually no side effects.

What To Expect

Cold laser therapy can be safely used as an adjunct or replacement for pharmaceutical drugs. Treatment is FDA approved and enables patients to have alternatives to drugs and surgery. Laser treatments are 2 minutes per zone (location) and are administered directly to the skin. Laser light cannot penetrate clothing. Treatment plans are developed that are optimal for your condition, with more severe acute and chronic injuries and diseases requiring more time. You will feel a soothing, comforting warmth as the laser is administered.

At Alternative HealthCare of Parker I have used the Apollo Laser for 10 years. Having meticulously scrutinized all the various manufacturers of cold laser I decided on Apollo because not only does it have power, but it also has a large beam making it cool and extremely safe. Treatment times are 2 minutes per zone, unlike 5 to 20 minutes like others.

Apollo Lasers use premium medical grade Class 4 laser diodes that provide extra long life, reliability and efficiency. The Apollo Laser produces a deeper and more effective penetration than LED or multi-wavelength lasers. It is the most advanced pain relieving and healing laser, producing greater efficiency than other Class 4 lasers. There are currently no billable treatment codes to insurance carriers for reimbursement consideration. The cost per session is $45.00 to $70.00 per session, depending on the number of injured areas being treated.

Cold Laser Therapy Successes

I have been blown away with the success of the Apollo Laser with my patients over the past ten years. It’s everything I expected and beyond.  Most of my patients, ranging from severe car accident injuries to weekend sports injuries, show dramatic improvement within a few treatments. This laser has been nothing short of amazing with results astoundingly more effective than other traditional methods of treatment.