Policies for Functional Medicine

Financial Policy for Functional Medicine

Dr. Kulpan is extremely passionate about his approach to true health care and is dedicated to providing the highest quality natural health care available.  While we acknowledge the financial challenge this may present to some patients, we have chosen not to accept or bill insurance for the following reasons.

Why We Do Not Accept Insurance Assignment

When clinics bill insurance companies directly they are required to become participating providers, or in-network.  If a clinic decides not to become a participating provider they are then considered out-of-network, whereby already high deductibles are doubled and the portion of what may be covered is reduced to as much as 50% of an unknown fixed fee schedule.   As a participating, in-network provider the insurance company decides which services they will and will not cover, how much you can charge and at what discounted fee you must accept.  This standard, conventional model of “health care” that has been in existence for decades is known as the Allopathic model.  It relies on identifying a symptom, giving it a disease name, and “treating” your health with a litany of drugs and surgical procedures.  (Drugs for Health? . . .yes, oxymoronic, and if the drugs don’t work, surgery will remove that organ. This approach of “health care” is neither healthy nor caring).

Your personalized Functional Medicine healthcare plan addresses the Root Cause(s) of your disease. It requires a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, lifestyle and nutritional factors and formulates your personalized treatment plan. The end result leads to improvement in your body’s ability to function normally and naturally, without drugs or unnecessary surgery. Included is an intuitive analysis of your FM Logics Comprehensive Patient history and advanced lab testing. This is followed by continual counseling of your nutritional and lifestyle changes, the administration of phytonutrients, adaptogens and supplements, and follow up visits to monitor progress and achieve your ultimate health goals.  Perhaps in the distant future, but for now this current Functional Medicine approach to health care doesn’t exist within the current insurance industry.

What’s Not Included

Your personalized Functional Medicine Program is a four month protocol addressing your primary chronic health condition, with specific inclusions as described in Our Program section.  It is estimated that 50% of adults have a least one chronic health care  condition.  25% of adults have two or more chronic health conditions.  Additional health care conditions are not included in the initial program.

Payments & Billing

Dr. Kulpan does not bill insurance. Payment of $3,400.00 is expected at the initiation of your personalized Functional Medicine Health Program.  Please refer to our Functional Medicine Program section for a detailed explanation of services covered.