Dr. Paul has helped take the guesswork out of staying healthy

I started seeing Dr. Paul about a year and a half ago. When I was 17, I contracted a virus that slowly attacked my heart. Over the years, the pericardium around my heart thickened and calcified to a near bone consistency. I gradually developed heart failure, and at 44 years old I had to have heart surgery so my heart could pump unrestricted. Because of the years during which my heart was constricted and couldn’t pump hard enough, my liver was damaged. At one time, my liver was three times its normal size, causing me extreme loss of energy and severe pain. By implementing Dr. Paul’s functional medicine protocol, which addresses the root causes of my cardiac issues, my body has begun to restore the health of my heart and liver. I have regained my energy and piece of mind knowing my heart and liver are functioning correctly.

Once I saw the results from working with Dr. Paul, I wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I used to spend hours at the health food store trying to figure out which supplements would work best for me and my family. Dr. Paul uses Standard Process supplements, which contain organic whole foods that give your body what it needs to heal itself. Working with Dr. Paul has helped take the guesswork out of staying healthy.