Dr. Paul is very experienced and skilled

I went to see Dr. Paul with pain in my neck and numbness in my fingers about 18 months ago. After a complete exam and assessment, he began treatments including heat, cold laser, stretching, electrical stimulation and adjustments. The treatments began working quickly, and after a months, my symptoms were nearly gone. After three months, they were eliminated. The treatments have also eliminated lower back fatigue and soreness that previously occurred after standing for less than an hour. I continue to see Dr. Paul every two weeks to remain flexible. I can say Dr. Paul has changed my life. At 68 years old, I am better physically than when I was at 50. He has also helped with nutritional counseling, which also plays a significant role in my health. Dr. Paul is very experienced and skilled. He also has extremely high ethical standards, which I believe are equally important in developing a strong, lasting relationship based on trust and results.