I have been set on a path of better health

I did not experience much pain immediately after my severe auto accident; however, eventually, the injuries I sustained was causing pain so severe I was missing work and unable to enjoy my active lifestyle. Pain pills and consistent pain was not an option at 18. I wasn’t a candidate for surgery (a path I did not wish to seek anyhow) but something had to change. I sought alternative options for pain management or, hopefully, relief.

My research led me to chiropractic care and after talking to friends and family I was led to Dr. Paul Kulpan at Alternative HealthCare. Inspired by his experience with pain relief with chiropractic care after an auto accident, he sought his Doctorate of Chiropractic hoping to help others experiencing chronic pain without the invasiveness or disadvantages of surgery.

After my initial exam I had very clear knowledge about my injuries (in a way I hadn’t before) and also a plan to heal injury and relieve pain. Dr. Paul was very thorough and able to explain the x-rays, what was going on with my joints and body as a result of my injuries, what he was going to do, and how it was going to manipulate my joints to achieve proper mobility and pain relief.

After following Doctor’s orders and being consistent with maintenance care, I experience virtually none of the back pain or migraines I experienced before coming to see Dr. Paul at Alternative HealthCare.

In addition to what you’d expect from a chiropractor, they go above and beyond care for your joints; from exercise to nutrition, they have a whole body approach and truly care for your overall health. I have been set on a path of better health for my life as a result of seeking Dr. Paul’s chiropractic care 15 years ago and I am grateful and thankful for the positive changes I’ve experienced in my health and pain relief as a result of the first class care at Alternative Healthcare.