Dr. Paul has changed me forever

I had my first consultation with Dr. Kulpan in October of 2017. Roughly 4 months later, I was a completely different person.

I had spent the previous 2 years working through the politics and procedures of a large HMO. My symptoms varied and included chest pain, dizziness followed by panic and stress, in a cycle that wouldn’t end. I went to the emergency room 6 different times in those 2 years and I was diagnosed with 3 different ‘conditions’ over that same period. With each new condition came new medications to treat symptoms, yet the underlying root cause was never clearly identified nor did it seem to be the focus of the various specialists that I saw. Even with symptom medication, I still had chronic chest pain. At 46 years old, I was starting to believe that my days were numbered and I was taking a host of pills that didn’t work. I had lost all faith in modern healthcare. I knew little about alternative or functional medicine at that time and was a true skeptic, after all, if cardiologists and neurologists couldn’t help me – how could he?

The initial consultation opened my eyes and gave me some hope. He sat down and actually listened to everything I had to say, taking notes when needed, but really focused on what I was sharing and describing. I wasn’t a number to him and I didn’t feel like I was on the clock, it was a much more personal interaction. He then explained his high-level approach to treatment and followed this up with some baseline testing. I stopped taking all the prescribed medication from my HMO and replaced them with his whole food supplements. From there, a specific targeted regimen was started, and as things improved or stayed the same, we would discuss other paths to take and change the regimen and supplements. Everything Dr. Kulpan did was targeted to treat a body system that was inundated or toxic, fatigued or not functioning properly. And over a period of several weeks, things began to steadily improve.

I’ve been pain free for about 4 months now, it’s been an incredible journey and I have my life back. I’m very thankful for his compassion and his drive to truly get to the root cause and make people feel better. The education and insight that he possesses and is so passionate about sharing along the way – about the human body, my decisions, the food we eat and water we drink – has changed me forever.